The American Iris Society Region 4
Charlotte Iris Society History

In 1933, an article in the Charlotte Observer promoted the first annual iris show sponsored by the Charlotte Iris Society.  This was an educational show only, there was no admission, no prizes and no judging.  The following year, the second annual exhibition of the Charlotte Iris Society was held at a department store.

The Charlotte Iris Society was officially organized on March 1, 1948, to promote the culture and improvement of the “Iris”.  A joint meeting of the Charlotte Garden Club and the garden department of the Charlotte Women’s Club met with Mr. W.J. McKee, an AIS Director; ten days later, the Charlotte Iris Society (CIS) was created.  CIS began with 32 regular members and 5 honorary members.

The CIS became an affiliate of the American Iris Society (AIS) on January 1, 1994.

Community projects such as landscaping with irises at the Duke Mansion, the Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs and the Methodist Home, donating irises for various civic beautification projects, iris education at the annual fall iris sale and continued support of the endowed scholarship with the Foundation of CPCC demonstrate our zeal for the CIS original mission “to promote the culture and improvement of the Iris”.