Photo by Judy Nelson Used with permission
The American Iris Society Region 4


Bayshore Iris Society was organized in October 2013 when local Iris enthusiasts from the Eastern Shore got together to form an iris club affiliated with the American Iris Society (AIS), since there was no affiliated club in AIS Region 4 east of the Chesapeake Bay at that time.

Pat McNeal, locally known as "The Iris Lady” for selling irises at the Easton Farmers' Market since 2007, called together some of her contacts for the purpose of organizing an AIS-affiliated club on Friday, October  11th, 2013.  Seven people attended and the name “Bayshore Iris Society,” suggested by Mary Beth Webb, was unanimously adopted.  The first officers of BIS were chosen: Cindy Outen, President; Pat McNeal, Vice President; and Mary Beth Webb, Secretary/Treasurer. 

The First Officers of Bayshore Iris Society - Oct. 2013-Dec. 2014