Photo by Judy Nelson Used with permission
The American Iris Society Region 4

Christmas 2013

Our Christmas Dinner was at the home of Mary Beth Webb, and her home was beautifully decorated for the holiday!  Even the Bathroom matched the décor!

(Photos by Pat McNeal)




Our First Show—May 16th, 2014

Our first show included not only TB’s, but BB’s, IB’s, SDB’s, MTB’s and SIB’s!

The WINNERS—(L-R) Best Seedling; Silverado—Runner-Up to best of Show; Chatter—Best of Show; True Delight—Best Historic.  All were exhibited by Pat McNeal.



Our Second Show—May 8th, 2015

(Photos by Pat McNeal)

Marie Edison displays her hand-painted Apron!

The 2015 Winners!  (L-R) Maui Moonlight—Best of IB Section; Circus Circus—Best of TB Section; Jesse’s Song—Queen of Show; Best of Historic Section; Daughter of Stars—Best of Rebloomer Section; Blue Chip Stock—Best of MTB Section and Eramosa Skies—Best of SDB Section.  All were shown by Pat McNeal of Preston, MD.

Judging the Show! (L-R) Ray Jones,  and Karen Jones were our judges, with clerks Chris Eareckson and Susan Slyter ready to assist them.

Front: Our Judges, Karen Jones and Ray Jones.  Background, L-R: Tabitha Bednar, Youth member; Sheryl Campbell; Marie Edison; and Chuckie Bosch.

Visitor Linda Frye from Oxford enjoys the winning irises (and all the rest, too)!

Clerks Chris Eareckson and Susan Slyter assist the judges by punching the entry tags and placing ribbons.